clueless types going again and again to the same well. ding ding. manic. pulling hair back, hat backwards, meaningful, all meaningful, polish town, whispy mohawk, hardcore farts, face like an onion, zen squares, making jokes, mr cheeks, rolling, tired as hell, lacrosse players exiting, the elevator door closes, whimsical fanatasies of movie heroes, coming to unfurl me, tearing at a sheet of paper, can you hear it? moving in and out of tense (ding, blondie) and perspective, they are leaving me in their high heels, accusing me of being unkind when in fact i was saving the last dance, not mocking kerouac, never having been able to dig on bowles, (ding goes the white hat), what can a leg tell you, keep it light soul sister, transcend the negative, cornering my red and blue style, X will arise first, why should i worry, everything is going to be allright, now that i am able to play at the right speed, flip flops enormous, how could one man look at so much, how could so much exist in the world, this is not nonsense, security now in the building, moving quicker now, palpable fear, paper rustling, will there be a fire?