you can't post that man - there is no ending to it......just keep on building, the frame won't hold, don't you think i know that man it's bigger than hip hop, freaks, turkeys and turnkeys, joyce would be proud, buggering nietzsche again, stealing all the afterglow from the naughty-headed freaks, one-trick wonders, and NASCAR drivers who are driving for the lost souls in invisible cars, wonder woman come down off the hilltop, reading in the voice of william burroughs, a junkie gone, another rock to sell, we are all doing that, messing around with our surplus angst, trying to understand Marx, bending out fingers this way and that in hopes that we don't contract carpal tunnel, missing the railway systems of more sophisticated countries, not to mention their cheese-making technology, blowing the whole thing over for the love of the anglo-american writer, making a brass statue out of Kerouac and Steinbeck and whoever else i don't even know taking the dogs out for walks blowing out candles descending mountains over and over again with the hope of never climbing another one missing the whole point when it was lying directly under your face no sense of aesthetics that is all implicit wish i could layer this over a photo that would bring it all home for you instead i have to trust that this is good enough love letters thrown away ready to begin anew making time for the drinks never again took us over once and then no more only beckett left telling us of the virtues of soccer hot tea and small sandwiches who knows what's in them i don't ask for fear of dissapointment maybe pizza tomorrow always the hope of the eternal pizza in the sky looking down at us with anticipation and bemused dissaproval maybe metaphors gone too far in hope of the break the good song that will let you finish and annihilate yourself and rise from this chair right here but instead on on on we go into the unknown dashing up memories with the hope that love is on its way the poor male romantic always facing either a tragic or comic death never neutral never vain always untimely unlike women but no matter it is only a trifling thing death.