Where is the mouth on

You know how they say you have to go to outer space or whatever to see aliens? I feel like i can see aliens right here. All i have to do is go find those people who are really into broadway musicals and be like 'whoah! Where do you come from? What is your culture like? Where is the mouth on that thing?'



how come nobody told me about this?
"casting out its stone like zeus, hitting all the high notes, making amends, by the beach, asceticism, having unshaken rotten, rotting, recording, because it is all without affect, toys and fears; cast out to the margins, without a diagram to go by, dwindling, masking, drinking with coke, roosters, and worms, burning, when will it stop?"



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6-22-08 -- "Girls in Strollers / Real High Rollers"

Today is a Sunday, which means absolutely nothing has changed here. Mohammedean heads of yore, Easter Island faces, lovers of Dick Trickle, the sighted unseen, pink-shirted male managers, no sound and no fury, young boys in elegant fraternity caps.
I know you want to sound relaxed and busy with other stuff, but calling her from your cell phone while you walk has the opposite effect. I once called this girl Jasmine while I was walking down six flights of stairs and, though I thought it would come across as busy-guy-who-can-only-catch-up-on-phone-calls-while-getting-to-the-train, it came across as psychotic-pervert-who-likes-to-jerk-off-when-he-leaves-messages. Apparently her roommates saved it forever and would smoke pot and laugh their asses off to me going, “He ey ey Ja ah ah sm sm sm ine ine, wha at s u up?” and so on. When I finally went over there, they were staring at me with bug eyes going, “Holy shit, that’s the phone guy!” Anyway, just stop by the dumpster next time you’re leaving a message. You don’t need to be breathing like that.
Mix tape: Wire, “Outdoor Miner,” or the Germs, “What We Do Is Secret”

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Up the Down Escalator

Ship's log stardate 6-21-08:
"How're you doing" is the most popular refrain I know.
Orchestra Baobab is on the in-store play.
Quiet night, hail earlier, few customers in the evening. Those that are looking are single men in their 20's and 30's. Who do they go home to? Each other, I suppose. ____ always running up on me at the wrong time, I have to be more careful, almost got caught there. Not that she would care, she manages a ____ in her off hours and doesn't seem to smell danger so everyone plays it by the books here. ____ has the intoxicating scent of soap on him today. How he gets it so strong I don't know. Soap cologne, perhaps. "I held you by the hand that held your frappacino." Ah, Saturday milling, little babies in turned up caps, soon to slurp on their frappacinos under grandma sweaters, poking at their acne and touching their hipster boyfriend's greasy hair. "I could tell from the sound of her flip flops padding behind me that it was going to be a very good summer." It smells faintly of recycled air tonite.


the cranes are flying
big daddy
american beauty
dolly parton and friends dvd
mob hits II cd
forrest gump
pop go the wiggles
trees and insects guide
the possessed dvd
seal live in paris