Fail Log -- Fiction

Seeing as I've failed to generate a substantial piece of theoretical work, I thought, I've got to write something good, something about life, maybe novel-length. But as I have been trying to do this for some time (since 2002), I knew that I could not just go in my head and come up with something...things are much too discombobulated to generate something cohesive like that. And then I thought, well, if I can say these stories aloud that I've been telling myself, these observations, then maybe I'll have something. So yesterday in the car I tried talking aloud a story, but all that came out was the same kind of schizophrenic nonsense that comes out when I try to force myself to write a story. No good ideas. I find that I try shifting from method to method to try to generate something creative. Maybe this is obscuring the root cause/problem.

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