Fail Log

this is my vision for the retail store. small location. coffee served at 9AM. evening meal served at 7, pull out a long wooden table that cuts through the center of the store, feed as many folks as seats exist (benches?). the products aren't located inside the main part of the store, instead stored in a backroom. rather than browsing, you ask X what they are looking for, bring them back something you think they might like, personal. charge proportional to income. so the interior doesn't look like a store, it looks like an arts space. so there is shit going on every hour. 9AM coffee, desks for people to read. once a day, video clips projected to a wall, best of ish culled from dvds, also, what's hot on the youtube ish, blogs, etc. live performances at night, turntable/mc battles. so retail is going on all this time, only its selective, you don't realize, don't need to realize that you are in a store. hour for art instruction. writing workshops, storytelling.

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