Turntablelab Website Redesign

It may have taken 3 years, but I suppose Pete Hahn & Co. figured out that sagging online sales might not be due to the economy but to their website redesign undertaken in 2009.  The new site is much cleaner, though it does have 3 rows of headers (1 separate, 2 adjoined without space) and a fugly rollover animation for those menu columns.  I think it would be better if "Lab of the Moment" on rollover had a longer, more informative product quote that could actually sell the product.  And the "Lab Headlines" section is just a waste of pixils.  If this sounds at all negative, maybe I'm just bitter because in 2011 he said that no one would buy this awesome Just-Ice t-shirt Comie helped make.
Is there a vocalist harder than Capleton?


Digging the increased simplicity of the new Google+ interface (though I noticed some long load times).  Not sure if it will be enough to compete with Facebook, but why not?, Facebook's interface has become ugly and hard to read quickly.