"hot like cajun". what is it about jay-z that is so awesome? he is pure, so pure, pure notes. "hot like cajun". the lyrics are not amazing. his tonality does not shift as swiftly as biggie's. but it doesn't matter. the mad hatter. chesire cat, alice in wonderland. wonder boys. wonderland. land of wonder. florida, hot as hell, bar, drinking vodka-tonic, straight out of russia, crazy motherfcuker named sean connery. "hot like cajun". robert mccloskey. ______ place. "hot like cajun". creole. new orleans. etuffe, crawfish. girlfriend getting sick. you know (the stee-lo). king stampede. i could write for the spam-bots. how would you like that? "hot like cajun". e.e. cummings. he knew what was up, tree poems. kerouac, the mind, the mind's eye, printing, yes. shout out to the random ones. all the editors and editoresses, fine dresses and goblet necklaces and charms on the wrist, little pianos and hardtack cases for emergencies, silver spoons dipping for sugar and kafka in the unholy hotels, getting haircuts at port authority, ny, waiting for people endlessly to arrive bringing books of philosophy from jail, harlots waiting waiting waiting for the time.