Community is a constant entrainment

I took a run yesterday and it began to rain before I got to the harbor.  Standing on the sand of the bay, the schooners and fishing boats lay in the distance, I did my Wim Hof breaths; after the 30th breath I held it beneath my rib cage and pushed out my belly and the xi sat right there and the mist and rain wiped away from my face I realized that this is all there is, this is the apex of of spirituality this moment and yet all moments that we move through this is all there is. 


Dobbs Dissent

Roe and Casey were from the beginning, and are even more now, embedded in core constitutional concepts of individual freedom, and of the equal rights of citizens to decide on the shape of their lives. Those legal concepts, one might even say, have gone far toward defining what it means to be an American. For in this Nation, we do not believe that a government controlling all private choices is compatible with a free people.



your reign on the top was short like leprechaun's


Intake light tokes



Corporations are using the pandemic as means to raise prices (and profits) aggressively: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/05/opinion/us-companies-inflation.html

What we have learned is that demand for many items is inelastic, and that vendors have consolidated to the point that competition for many goods is limited. As a result, producers will push pricing to the point that it affects sales. We see this in the housing market, where there is little or no price point that consumers will not push through. Supply is more limited in this case in many markets, yet housing prices continue to inflate by ~20% per year or more. I see this as akin to the Japanese asset price bubble of the late 80's and early 90's where access to easy credit caused rampant speculation in the markets which carried over to consumer goods, such that being a tourist in Japan is now on a whole other level of expensive compared to the cost of visiting New York City, etc, and inflation there is continuing to rise against a backdrop of reduced manufacturing. I would be prepared for the higher costs for everything to continue at least five years.

Personally, I have seen this happening at the Bakery, where virtually all of our supplies and ingredients have risen by 20-50%.

Check out this substack from Chartbook. We are going through a relatively intense inflation cycle. I believe profits are actually going to go super high 1 year from now as inflating costs of goods sold will be passed on to consumers in the form of even higher prices. And they will pay it. Demand is relatively inelastic right now.