My assumption is that over the next 40 years, the amount of gas-powered vehicles will go down due to cost of fuel.  

Some will be replaced by electric vehicles or hybrids.

Ultimately, we don’t have enough generation capacity to power all the EVs, even if we could produce them.

The result? 

- Denser communities. 
- A shift towards public transportation. 
- Golf cart-like, short driving radius EVs. 
- Higher stratification as these vehicles will be more expensive. 


Love is of the body

 "Love is of the body; not a body, but of the body."

- A Room with a View, E.M. Forster  


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Capturing Democracy

"And I take that to be basically right in an important way with the result that the work of democracy is to continuously resist capture. There is no end of history. There is no state of rest for democracy. Democracy is the work of resisting capture by powerful interests and restoring power-sharing just over and over and over again. So we have to do work to introduce new governance mechanisms in the place of those that are not working.

"Now, this doesn’t always have to mean consultative process exactly. And I think one of the things that is exciting about the time we now live in is there’s lots of room for experimentation with alternative approaches to decision making."

Danielle Allen, 4/14/23





Demis Hassabis: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/11/opinion/ezra-klein-podcast-demis-hassabis.html

"I think that eventually, from a certain vantage point, the values of our current society are going to look incredibly sick.  

"This is a quite good time for more radical politics, to think about more radical political ideas."

-Ezra Klein, 4/7/23