trick bitch. tricky bitch. dropping out of elevators, face down, jackets off.

heavy on the reds, junky, understand what i'm saying, messenger bag, eyeballing me, sharp asiatics, dropping out of elevators, face down, pleasure. 8th floor holds all the knowledge, climbing to a perfect death, ding resonates throughout the lobby, difficult when the speeds are so mixed up, red yellow ("the wild bunch"), pink, blue, black, ascent, green cap, black, grey, descent. grey (right), red (left), ding, black black, striped gone. 2 in 2. red awaits to cut. red in 3. blue ascent ("STAFF"), beautiful sublime sex, blue in 5, green on red, old blue departs in 3, dark glasses, "we're updating our virus catcher" -- old wisehair, prime position, pole position, green in the 1, what will be cut? whole new level of symbolic essence, white in the 2, it's getting heavy, black bobbing ponytail, trying to keep up with the smashing blond ascending, too much pressure, too topheavy, turbaned woman descends, sneeze.

key is in your eye, shake it while you got it, simultaneous old man to the right, 2 to the left, orange means were cycling, what level will be next? insanity. crazy 88s. hold the right hand steady, no shakes allowed, braided ponytail departs, hair mass slung over left shoulder, 2 and 3 open, black tights, swallowed up boa constrictors tall male blond ascends, chasing? say goodbye to the red, plaids coming through, know that i am writing the truth, feel me, harboring hate and fear, fat as all hell, only the right words to say, jacketed 20-something keeling over his computer waiting for answers, hope he gets them, else trundle out to lunch and a beer. pacing yourself with coffee, stabbing at the steps, backpack elongated inches behind you (ll bean), what do your glasses foreclose? not-not greys, 3, 2-5 split, ding, cell phone volume adjusted, fearing the blue descent, strong as hell, bagel in the 1, (screams) losing at poker, fourth or fifth time the old timer crosses me (tattoo on right arm), 1812 overature (western).

spiralling danger innumerable ones, fishing hat gone left, purple ll bean backpack in the 1, already accomplished, say goodbye to big ears, you were beautiful while you were here, a panther descends, a soccer game ends.