................................there is this trend that i think started a couple of months ago, it may be over now, that was a return to classic rock, led zepplin, etc. i'm not sure why music regresses like this every once in a while. something is built up, like a new kind of music, but it is imperfect, there are still gaps that can be filled........so we see the blues/rock form, which can exist in perhaps infinite combinations, repeating and repeating, never exactly the same, sometimes different enough to the ears that we forget the predecessors, the led zepplins, the jimi hendrixes. but don't get it twisted......this is a repetitious and derivative form, good for a moment and then gone due to how quickly it can be mapped to our music brains.......for a blues/rock guitrarist to really do something that would be worth keeping -- this would mean making something like screamin jay hawkins recording of "i put a spell on you" (1955, same year as "rebel without a cause"), a song that could exist in all times and at the same time exists in no time, in an anti-time where time does not progress or regress, but is immanent to our brains in every moment, the purity of the golden white light.