> the newness.....what is entirely real is the going and coming the blather
> effervescent the mention of sweet hereafter the language unending the
> makings and unmakings of people, you know the things that need to be
> annulled the men and women the foundlings the chicklings the starlings and
> the birthlings, the aliens and mulch grass fed to cows in famine the
> water creeping up the tidal basin, the urchins and 5-fingered stars watching as
> i
> consume the great grass of time, the munching of mulch unending the poems
> long before the candle has gone out the picture at the picture show
> capturing dust in the romantic dark. blessed blessed bend at the knee
> skirts down to the ground catching the filth of the floor unswept for some
> time the bell tower bonging and the children playing outside in the
> courtyard during the service their hands too small to carry big things the
> weight of the world yet eternally dying and being reborn all the cliches
> of
> yesteryear and poems for all time the poems of the bible and nonesuch and
> nevermind and nevermore and dunder-miflin.