the thin blue line errol morris (funes the memorious)

we are all funes the memorious (funes was famous because he could picture the world as it was every moment for the last X years, but he could not generate abstract thought. the leaf of 7:54 was different than the leaf of 7:53. there was no "leaf", a priori).

for funes, on one side of the brain is the times of all things, in sequence. on the other is the pictures of every event.

the idea to take some of those connections and reconfigure them into a new abstraction was repellent to him.

so the question becomes, what do each of us find repellent?

for funes, obviously, it was the question of generating an abstraction, any abstraction.

and for lots of people, working exclusively with abstract ideas is difficult.

so what was wrong with the cops who arrested and charged randall adams with homicide.

a cop had been killed and they needed to find their killer.

if they pinned it on randall adams they didn't care.

they, including the DA Mulder, went to extreme lengths to frame this innocent man.

To them, Adams had been taken on the host of the abstraction. they were not proscecuting a man, they were procecuting a vacuity, a not-being. He was foreign, inanimate. They did not need to rationalize that his death in the electric chair would mean nothing -- that belief was immanent to their being. Nothing in the world would be lost in exchange for his life.