Traffic ticket solution?

I recently got stopped at one of those lovely NC checkpoints - you know the ones where they check your driver's license, and it may not TECHNICALLY be racial profiling but you can't help but notice that 99% of the people who have problems are Latino?

Yeah, I got stopped at one of those waaay the fuck out of town, and my registration was expired, so I got a ticket. But I called the county DA's office and explained that I'd fixed the problem, and they said that if I just fax in a copy of my new registration I don't have to drive out to appear in court in Bumfuck in February.

This doesn't work in Orange County, sadly, but it apparently works elsewhere. I got the idea from a friend of Chey's in NY who gets the occasional speeding ticket upstate but, so far, has always managed to get off with an apologetic letter to the court instead of a real appearance and fines paid.

Also, more tips on getting out of speeding tickets are here on lifehacker.com


Anonymous said...

There is always a way out! only fools appear in court and pay the full fine! thanks for spreading the word!

Yoyo said...