blessed box, who knows what dreams may come, sneezes from the coffee, maximilian glick, the radio show talk host, moving too slow for his own good, crap all that fills his head, magpies and darned sock revolutionaries, the peace that was among them darning the socks of those yet to come, winding the trails around the house, speaking speaking speaking until vaklempt, sitting like a dead duck, tired as hell, getting in the naps before, never after, failing to listen to himself, not recognizing me, the blues sitting down to work, never knowing they're on opposite sides, feeling like ____ but wanting to play basketball, not soccer until time to come in, all the strange memories of childhood grasping up and making me feel nauceous, how many days of eating the same tastless things, palate gone to shit, how did that happen did i burn my tongue, or was i on double dare and the green slime infected me, putting me into a coma.

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