The Techno-Traveller's Wife

_____________ is pleased to announce that registration is now open for its second annual conference.

Keynote addresses:
___________ on Media Participation and Activism
_________ on the World Wide Telescope (including a preview)

Hiperwalls, Lightning Talks, Interactive Demos, Posters, Panels, Software Studies, On-the-Bus TechnoTravelling Symposia, Multimedia Art, and More . . .

This year’s theme is “techno-travels” and explores the multiple ways in which place, movement, borders, and identities are being renegotiated and remapped by new locative technologies. Featured projects will delve into mobility as a modality of knowledge and stake out new spaces for humanistic inquiry. How are border-crossings being re-conceptualized, experienced, and narrated in a world permeated by technologies of mobility? How is the geo-spatial web remapping physical geographies, location, and borderlands? How are digital cities interfacing with physical space? How do we move between virtual worlds? And what has become of sites of dwelling and stasis in a world saturated by techno-travels?

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