Open Eye Cafe, Carrboro, NC -- "East Harlem Shakedown in E-flat"

- and then, the heaviness of his bag dropped him to the floor, straps first, then cargo shorts, then parted hair and Caucasian face, then coffee cup.
- stains on his Dickies, brown belt, wallet chain, FM radio clipped to the belt, charms on his key rings attached to belt loop.
- tiny heart graphic on white shirt, small gold hoop earrings, boyishly short haircut, 20-year-old daughter in tow, whose jeans are too tight, black underwear beneath white t-shirt, ballet posture, speaking to a boy, chump, with an NES pixilated graphic on his shirt that says, "I Know Kung Fu".
- cell phone to ear, black sunglasses, gold bracelet, oversize watch, cell phone holder attached to black jeans pocket, mustache, shaved and waxed dome piece.
- the sadness of the fruit and pastries in the bake case.
- purple t-shirt, pink sunglasses on head, clamdigger pants, 2 chins, red hair back in a clip.
- brown shoes, blue pants, blue shirt, black hair, an abomination of fashion.
- gold chain mail necklace, brown boots, brown tights, blue dress, 23, curly red hair, chewing on a muffin and talking to a boy wearing slip-ons, white t-shirt, 4-day red beard, skinny jeans, legs crossed at the crotch under the table, unknown tattoo on right bicep, wiping the sleep out of his eye, her face is restrained, holding her paper coffee cup up like in a Pottery Barn mailer, he nods, white skinny socks, checks his texts under the table while speaking, she brushes the hair out of her eye, he points, emphasizing, she holds her thumb up, enumerating, he puts his hands on top of his head, this is absolute boredom, the sepulchral relations of our age.

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