Passion of Joan of Arc / The Cross and the Spike

Renée Jeanne Falconetti

A horny man with a diamond pendant looks at a captivating nineteen-year-old girl in leg shackles.

In the presence of this girl, he sees the crack through which one could perceive the opening to the world. For behind her teeth, she understands the pleasures of an insanity brought on by religious devotion and entrusting one's soul to the Lord.

The air inside a man's skullcap; the spears held by guards; a cross in the window; the ring on her finger; her lips sing the Lord's prayer; she wears a crown of thorns and holds an arrow.

"Alert the executioner!"

And then they cut her hair. And then they beat her until she could not believe she had been sent by God. And still Christ followed her, like a servant, to her martyrdom. There were twenty-six doves present at her immolation. The smoke remained afterwards like a shadow over all Rouen.

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