My Comment to Google

So I think there were avoidable missteps with Google+.

1. You can't post on someone's wall.
2. In the name of privacy, Google went too far and now sharing with circles, etc. is too complicated.  Google+ would be helpful if I had 4+ groups of people I share stuff with.  I don't, and neither do many others.  They just have 1 group, maybe 2.  So every time I post, I just put in a couple of people's names.  What is funny is that Facebook thinks it can one-up this by adding similar functionality without the complexity.  We'll see.

I think Google should have taken the same approach with Google+ that it did with Gmail.  Strip it down to its simplest, give it a web 2.0 interface, and generally leave it alone.  If you can't build the simplest social media site, you don't really understand what it does.

Google made its name by focusing on the nerdery: Search.  Start there; reduce the equation to start with the fewest possible steps to social electronic sharing.  Start over; reboot if you have to.

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