Fetty Wap x Adele

Is it just me or did Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" and Adele's "Hello" use the same autotune filter?  The tonal similarities are remarkable.


On Alchohol Use and Long-Term Neurotoxicity


"Throw it away, that's usually what I do with it"

Rick Fantasia, Professor of Sociology at Smith College, will be speaking
at noon on Wednesday, April 15th in HM 271 as this semester's Social
Forces Visiting Scholar. The title of his talk is "Cooking the Books of
the Symbolic Economy: French Gastronomy in the Age of Neo-Liberalism."
Below is a link to his webpage. If anyone is interested in meeting with
him, please let me know by tomorrow (Thursday).


"In a world of indifference, don't be afraid to show you care"

Ike's Mood I (1970) was sampled in
We're at the Party by Disco Four (1982) Games People Play by Sweet G (1983) Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz by Biz Markie (1986) He Cuts So Fresh by Marley Marl feat. MC Shan (1986) Hollywood's World by DJ Hollywood (1986) Hot Day Master Mix by Hot Day and Super Kids (1987) Stylin' Lyrics by J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. (1988) Cool V's Tribute to Scratching by Biz Markie (1988) Skeezer by Roxanne Shanté (1989) 6 Minutes of Pleasure by LL Cool J (1990) One Love by Massive Attack (1991) East Coast by Das EFX (1992)

East Coast by Das EFX (1992) Knock Em Out Da Box by Naughty by Nature (1993) Wede Man (Hoody Mix) by Selectah (1993) Mary Jane by Tha Alkaholiks (1993) No Guns, No Murder by Rayvon (1994) I Love You by Mary J. Blige (1994) Get on My Feet by B.G. (1995) Still Can't Fade It by Warren G (1995) Louis Burrell by Eric B. (1995) Paula's Jam(I Keep It Real Like That) by Paula Perry (1996) The Mobb by Dru Down feat. Luniz (1996) (Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm by Foxy Brown (1996) Hipop Crazy by Passi (1997) B*tches From Eastwick by The Lox (1998) Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha by Kurupt feat. Daz Dillinger (1999) Down for My N****z by C-Murder feat. Snoop Dogg and Magic (2000) Still Got Love for You by Beanie Sigel feat. Jay-Z and Rell (2001) Beautiful Mind by Cormega (2004) T.O.D.A.Y. by Royce Da 5'9'' feat. Ingrid Smalls (2004) Getting Married by Nas (2004) Super Gangster by Styles P (2007) Soldier by DMX (2008) I Love You by Keyshia Cole feat. Lil Wayne (2008) Change by Daniel Merriweather feat. Wale (2009) Hård Värld by Petter feat. Mohammed Ali (2010)


It may come to pass that Ghostface's Mighty Healthy attains the same stature in hip hop that Wes Montgomery's Impressions has in jazz.



Critical Breaks







Gunshots in Asheville (2011)

Gunshots in Asheville

If you see an attractive girl in sensible flats - that's Asheville,
If you're watching Big Lebowski by the railroad tracks - that's Asheville,
If you see a girl in a sarong with a little bit of fringe - that's Asheville,
If you hipster gourmet dish comes with plastic on top - that's Asheville.

There's a microbrewery on every corner,
Girls makin' babies with other moms,
We watch Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart is a leader,
I'm not going to be all snarky snark snark because this summer I'm a whitewater rafting coach,
I'm a whitegirl with some dreads and I work at the local co-op,
I'm gonna advertise sustainable broccoli,
Sleep with my husband who was a playa got in on with every girl in Asheville.

We all hate the tourists but love bitching about them even more,
Just give me my sustainable cheese,
I got dreads all up in a braid looks like a challah falling out of my head.

Throwing peanut shells on the floor,
Asheville's trash is nature's compost.

-written with yoyo