Gunshots in Asheville (2011)

Gunshots in Asheville

If you see an attractive girl in sensible flats - that's Asheville,
If you're watching Big Lebowski by the railroad tracks - that's Asheville,
If you see a girl in a sarong with a little bit of fringe - that's Asheville,
If you hipster gourmet dish comes with plastic on top - that's Asheville.

There's a microbrewery on every corner,
Girls makin' babies with other moms,
We watch Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart is a leader,
I'm not going to be all snarky snark snark because this summer I'm a whitewater rafting coach,
I'm a whitegirl with some dreads and I work at the local co-op,
I'm gonna advertise sustainable broccoli,
Sleep with my husband who was a playa got in on with every girl in Asheville.

We all hate the tourists but love bitching about them even more,
Just give me my sustainable cheese,
I got dreads all up in a braid looks like a challah falling out of my head.

Throwing peanut shells on the floor,
Asheville's trash is nature's compost.

-written with yoyo