The Electric Power of Life

Having felt low on occasion, there are times when the surging breath of life has entered my body and left me with feelings of connectedness, happiness, and euphoria.  But that is nothing like the feeling of falling off of a ladder and breaking my arm in a place that was highly protected by muscle and snapped the ulna in a way that sent me into shock.  The amount of adrenaline that was released was as if I was shot through with energy and had tapped full bore into the electric power of life.  It was like nothing I'd ever experienced.

To say that we live mundane lives filled with the endless arithmetic of grocery shopping, baby rearing, and trips to the library is to forget this intense animal will to survive that is the evolutionary product of millennia.  Faced with the prospect of death (and going into shock really does feel like you may die, you feel as if you cannot breathe and may pass out at any time), we fight, and as painful as the experience was, to feel your life is in the balance is to know that you are capable of anything, and that the surging will propels us forward with an intensity that is equal to the nature of any situation.