Adorno / Lazarsfeld

As Rolf Wiggershaus recounts in The Frankfurt School, Its History, Theories and Political Significance (MIT 1995):

Lazarsfeld was the director of a project, funded and inspired by David Sarnoff (the head of RCA), to discover both the sort of music that listeners of radio liked and ways to improve their "taste", so that RCA could profitably air more classical music...Sarnoff was, it appears, genuinely concerned with the low level of taste in this era of "Especially for You" and other forgotten hits, but needed assurance that RCA could viably air opera on Saturday afternoons. Lazarsfeld, however, had trouble both with the prose style of the work Adorno handed in and what Lazarsfeld thought was Adorno's habit of "jumping to conclusions" without being willing to do the scut work of collecting data.

Bruce LaBruce spotted on campus.




Fing Fang Foom

“Fang, let us say, has a secret; a stranger calls at his door; Fang resolves to kill him. Naturally, there are several possible outcomes: Fang can kill the intruder, the intruder can kill Fang, they both can escape, they both can die, and so forth. In the work of Ts'ui PĂȘn, all possible outcomes occur; each one is the point of departure for other forkings. Sometimes, the paths of this labyrinth converge: for example, you arrive at this house, but in one of the possible pasts you are my enemy, in another, my friend.” (Borges, "Garden of Forking Paths, Ficccones, p.103)


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On Social Movements and Civil/Uncivil Society
September 17, 2008
"On Social Movements and Civil/Uncivil Society"
Weds September 17th, 3:30-5 pm. Location tba.

At this meeting we will explore the theme or problematic of the highly charged distinction, often produced/re-iterated by the State and others in power-- between civil and uncivil society. The distinction emphasized through media representations, funders, etc, is nuanced and complex, but at a schematic level, the distinction separates the "good" "acceptable" and "civil" protestors from the "bad", the "dangerous" , the chaotic. That is it seeks to differentiate between forms of engagement extra-parliamentary, such as NGOs, and more "reformist" organizations, and more(supposedly) "unlawful", "unacceptable" "uncivil" organizations and movements ( often anti-systemic, autonomous, counter-state) that often have more radical agendas.

Break of Day

B C -- "They Didn't Shoot Me in the Mouth, Ha Ha Ha"

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Spam is the New Literature

"On the night of the day he sold the cocoa farm, he was attacked by some armed robbers, they took away some money and valuable things and unfortunately he was shot death."

-- Richard Achempong


In this issue...

1. Be an advocate for graduate and professional students
2. Sign up for block (group) ticketing for football games

3. Home football games affect campus parking on nights & weekends
4. Lactation rooms on campus
5. Roving recyclers needed to volunteer for community events
6. Be an ally for victims of sexual and relational violence
7. Workshop: Spending Smart on a Stipend: Stretching Your Dollars and Dealing with Debt
8. Upcoming social events and Safe Ride reminder
9. ___ Career Center dossier services
10. Get recognized! How graduate and professional student organizations can receive web space, access to room reservations across campus, funding for student events, and more...

11. Voter registration drives on campus



no one left to say f_ck you to, she comes in, almost tripping on her excess words of apology, hoodie up, late for dinner, glasses large on her face, almost closing time for this restaurant, a converted pharmacy, complete with stack of mini-shopping carts, rolls of gauze on shelves, my hands shaking slightly. i take the champagne out of the ice bath, and the waiter in white jacket pops the cork. i straighten my tuxedo tie and take a sip. there is some black bean dip and screwdrivers for both of us. she takes off her scarf and sits down. why couldn't she have dressed up? the ceiling fan is annoying me. she swings her pigtail over her shoulder and plays with it. some fratty latino kids are banging at a pinata in the back. i examine them sternly. Memphis is sometimes a strange scene when you are a thirty-seven year old artistrocrat.