On Social Movements and Civil/Uncivil Society
September 17, 2008
"On Social Movements and Civil/Uncivil Society"
Weds September 17th, 3:30-5 pm. Location tba.

At this meeting we will explore the theme or problematic of the highly charged distinction, often produced/re-iterated by the State and others in power-- between civil and uncivil society. The distinction emphasized through media representations, funders, etc, is nuanced and complex, but at a schematic level, the distinction separates the "good" "acceptable" and "civil" protestors from the "bad", the "dangerous" , the chaotic. That is it seeks to differentiate between forms of engagement extra-parliamentary, such as NGOs, and more "reformist" organizations, and more(supposedly) "unlawful", "unacceptable" "uncivil" organizations and movements ( often anti-systemic, autonomous, counter-state) that often have more radical agendas.

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