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Supreme / Barbara Kruger / Century Gothic Bold Italic

I didn't realize till now that Supreme's logo was a takeoff on barbara kruger's anti-consumerism conceptual art. and for those who need to know, supreme's font is not century gothic bold italic as I thought when I first posted this. It's Futura Heavy Oblique.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4a/Kruger_ishop.gif http://www.shoply.net/brand_logo/supreme_logo.gif


YouTube commentary

lindirig (3 days ago)
Watching this is just how I get when I'm eating hot sausage, I don't like it but can't stop eating. Iris, you is one of a kind!

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A New Science of Virtues

A New Science of Virtues

Research Grant Opportunity

In what ways might the humanities and the sciences cooperate to develop richer understandings of virtue for modern societies?

The Arete Initiative at the University of Chicago is pleased to announce a new $3 million research program on a New Science of Virtues. This is a multidisciplinary research initiative that seeks contributions from individuals and from teams of investigators working within the humanities and the sciences. We support highly original, scholarly projects that demonstrate promise of a distinctive contribution to virtue research and have the potential to begin a new field of interdisciplinary study.