Hunger Plan

Fast between breakfast and dinner for 2 weeks.

You'll find after a couple days you won't overeat at dinner.  The calories you would usually consume at lunch can be added to breakfast and dinner so you are not running a caloric deficit.

Hunger allows you to stay focused.  Suddenly, you're not thinking about snacking all of the time.  Snacking is an obsessive and neurotic behavior that has no basis in human history because typically the history of humans was characterized by longer bouts of hunger punctuated by insufficient amounts of food.

If you feel a little lightheaded, cloudy, ditzy, in the afternoon, have something a little sweet, like a coffee, a juice, or a piece of biscotti.  Don't overdo it.

Otherwise just crush water all day when you feel hunger.

If you feel your electrolytes are running low in the afternoon (feeling of dragging, metabolic deficit, wooziness), try eating a dash of salt on the tongue.  It will perk you right up.

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